What is at the heart of our classes?


Full workouts

The trainer takes into account your physical fitness and selects exercises of the required intensity and complexity based on your ability


Nutrition program

We analyze your parameters, calculate the required level of calorie / water intake, take into account taste preferences and draw up a nutrition plan


Scientific approach

Training is aimed at burning fat, at adjusting the biomechanics of the body, the work of the muscles of the core, pelvis and hips, the formation of a balanced muscle corset

How is our program structured?

Our program is a balance between achieving results at any cost and moving for the sake of movement. The scientific approach is to apply enough effort to achieve results without harm to health.


Bioimpedance analysis

We monitor the body indicators of each of our clients to accurately understand changes in fat and muscle, not just weight


Consultations with a nutritionist

After analyzing your questionnaire, the nutritionist will provide recommendations on nutrition and dietary supplements


Gym workouts

Our unique workout systems are designed to solve the tasks of clients of any fitness level


Home online workouts

Daily 15-minute workouts will enhance your results and help you achieve your goals


Mental health

We conduct seminars for our clients on mental health and lifestyle


Body functioning and longevity

We publish scientific articles and videos for our beloved clients.

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    Why us?

    Why do people achieve their goals specifically with us?

    Leading by the hand to the result

    We will support and accompany you at every stage of achieving your goal

    The right environment is the key to future success

    You will receive exclusive materials, healthy communication, and a constant boost of motivation.

    Science-based training

    We have adapted the structure and intensity of the training according to the latest scientific research to achieve results without compromising your health.

    Nutrition, vitamin deficiencies in the body

    We provide our clients with an individual session with a professional nutritionist.

    Balanced training program

    Training, motivation, nutrition program - we work with each direction for the successful achievement of goals.

    Learn more about your body

    We will teach you to feel your body's needs and help it improve without pain and suffering.

    Member pricing plan


    When purchasing a training package, the specified price is guaranteed even after the end of the promotion and price increases at the club



    100 DH
    120 DH


    Must be used within 3 months
    350 DH
    280 DH


    Must be used within 3 months
    280 DH
    240 DH

    Call us at the number

    +971 50 652 7722

    The manager will explain how to join this class for only

    33 DH

    Is it inconvenient to call?

    Leave your number and we will call you back and answer all your questions.

      Reviews Classes

      Real reviews from our customers who have already achieved their goals and became permanent members of our "NRG Fitness" community

      Impressed with the Facilities and Trainers

      I recently completed the fat-burning and body-sculpting training course in “NRG Fitness” and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The trainers’ friendly and professional approach was truly impressive, and the nutritionist’s guidance on healthy eating was eye-opening. I was pleasantly surprised that the workouts were challenging, yet enjoyable, and I never felt like I was suffering through them, as I had in other gyms. The atmosphere was always upbeat and welcoming, and I felt like I was training with a group of friends rather than strangers.

      The best part of it all is that I achieved the results I was looking for – my body looks better than ever, and I no longer feel the need to eat everything in sight. I’m still able to eat delicious and healthy meals, which has been a game-changer for me. I highly recommend “Fat Burning” program to anyone looking to transform their body and improve their health. I myself will continue my training with them, and I encourage others to join me on this journey.

      Tariq Al Arabi Programmer
      Great Atmosphere and Wide Range of Classes

      I never thought I’d find such a fantastic club in Dubai Marina. I’ve been into fitness and healthy eating for a while now, but this place has really exceeded my expectations.

      The trainers here are top-notch professionals and the nutritionist is amazing! I’ve learned so much from them and have seen incredible results in a short amount of time. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before.

      This gym has everything I need for a great workout, from top-of-the-line equipment to a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I love coming here and pushing myself to new limits. I never thought I’d look forward to going to the gym, but now I can’t imagine my life without it.

      If you’re looking for a great gym in Dubai Marina, I highly recommend this one. You won’t be disappointed!

      Mariam Khalil Doctor
      Satisfied with Quality of Service

      Hey, I wanna give a major shoutout to “NRG Fitness” for their sick fat-burning program! The trainers really knew what they were doing and were super cool to work with. Plus, the nutritionist was legit and gave us all the deets on how to eat healthy without sacrificing any flavor.

      The best part is that the results were off the charts! My body has never looked better, and I feel like a total boss. And the best part? I’m not starving myself ’cause the food I’m eating is still hella delicious. If you’re looking to get ripped and feel like a million bucks, definitely check out “NRG Fitness” and their fat-burning program. I’m already signed up for the next session and I can’t wait to see what kind of gains I’ll make this time around!

      Ahmed Abdel Rahman Engineer
      Top-Notch Personal Trainers

      I’m just thrilled with the gym I joined! I feel so attractive and healthy thanks to this place. I love working out here because the atmosphere really motivates me to achieve big things. The trainers here are true professionals and help me reach my goals.

      I hope to continue improving my results and make my body even more attractive and healthy. I also love the way they work and treat their clients here, I feel really important to this club. I recommend everyone who’s looking for a place to workout to check it out, and you’ll never regret it!

      Nora Al Shareef Teacher

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        Do you have any health problems that limit your workouts?

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        What qualities are most important to you in a trainer?

        What supplements do you take?

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        Looking for a powerful fat burning workout that’s scientifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than our Fat Burning program!

        At our fitness club, we prioritize the health of our clients above all else. That’s why during all of our workouts, we use specialized equipment to monitor their heart rate and ensure that they don’t push themselves too hard, putting their cardiovascular health at risk. We want our clients to live longer and healthier lives, and we believe that our Fat Burning program is the perfect way to get started on that journey.

        Our program combines intense exercises with the expertise of a nutritionist-dietitian, making it the ultimate fat burning program. Our experienced professional trainers will guide you through a series of high-intensity exercises that specifically target fat burning. In addition, our nutrition plan is designed to complement your workouts, so you get the most out of them.

        With our program, you’ll see incredible results faster than ever before. And with our focus on safety and health, you can trust that you’ll achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively. Don’t wait – sign up for our Fat Burning program today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!



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