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The membership to NRG FITNESS (hereinafter “the Studio”) is regulated by the following terms and conditions:


Under the UAE Law and governed by Employment Law and Dubai Courts. Membership to the Studio is open to individuals over the age of 16. Membership to the Studio is for both male and female users and the Member acknowledges this upon signature hereof.

Memberships are personal to the Member, and therefore non-assignable and non-transferrable. Any exception to the above shall be the sole discretion of the Studio Management and subject to payment of applicable administration fees.


All Memberships are subject to the approval of the Studio Management. The Studio Management reserves the right to reject an application for membership to the Studio without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

All Joining Fees, Administrative Fees, Membership Fees are non-refundable upon cancellation or termination of membership for any reason whatsoever.

Membership Fees are payable in advance by cash/card or through an approved payment plan/structure. The Management reserves the right to periodically review the prices, charges and fees and implement these accordingly.

Upon registration and completion of application formalities, all monthly subscriptions will be payable every month on the 1stof the month and will be paid irrespective of whether a member use the Studio or not. On joining on monthly membership member will pay 1 full month deposit and their first month’s payment on a pro-rata basis. If joining date is after the 25th of the month remaining days are free for that month, member still needs to pay 1-month deposit and first month upfront .


The mode of payment for our monthly membership accepted by the Studio is credit card. The member must authorize the Studio’s payment system to store the credit card details for monthly automatic payment. The member authorizes the Studio to use the provided card to automatically charge the membership fees on a monthly basis. The credit limit on the credit card must be sufficient to cover at least 6 (six) months subscription. If for any reason the Member’s credit card becomes inactive, it is the Member’s responsibility to provide the Studio with new/alternate credit card details immediately. For payments that default on the 1stof the month, they will be subsequently charged on the 5th until the payment is collected. In such cases access to the classes will be denied until the outstanding fees are paid. A ‘late payment fee’ of AED 100 will be charged for all payments received after 15 days of payment date. The collection dates may change in the future.

Management has the right to cancel any membership that is deemed overdue and reserves the right to take whatever action is required to recover all outstanding amounts. Temporary membership freezing is available for up to 1 month, only once per year.

All monthly memberships are a 6-month commitment and include unlimited classes per month set at maximum 2 classes per day then they are open-ended and will be considered active unless cancelled by the member directly to the Studio Management in writing.


A membership can only be cancelled in writing via email with one (1) full calendar months’ notice. To cancel please send your full name, phone number on record and address with the subject line “Cancel Membership” to  No other form(s) of communication will be accepted for the cancellation of a membership. Pro-rated refunds for partial months will not be provided. Once the membership is cancelled, we will provide a written email of acknowledgement. After providing notice, members initial 1 month’s deposit will be used for their final month, with the membership terminating thirty (30) days after. Members who wish to cancel their membership should notify NRG FITNESS before the billing date that corresponds to their final month of membership to avoid paying unwanted dues. Membership dues will not be prorated based on the date of cancellation. Membership dues are non-refundable.

All changes in your membership must be in writing (in correct forms as required) directly to the Studio Manager.


Class reservation may be cancelled with no penalty up to 3 hours prior to the start of class. Cancellations may be made personally at the Studio, by telephone or via our online reservation system, under My Account or through the Mobile App (NRG FITNESS DXB or Mindbody). We do not accept cancellation requests via SMS or e-mail. If a reservation is cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy, then the class will be credited to your personal NRG FITNESS Account to use towards future reservations. Packages and memberships cannot be shared amongst clients and / or transferred. If a reservation is not cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy, then you will be charged for the class and service booked. A late/no show cancellation fee of AED 30 will be applied for a class on unlimited memberships. These additional charges will be charged directly to your credit card/or must be settled before any new booking can occur. We will strictly not accept bookings, if your account shows a no-show depth.  One (1) class will be forfeited for a multiple/limited class packages that are not cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy. Members and their guests exercise and use facilities at their own risk and are advised to consult a physician prior to commencing any type of physical exercise. By signing these terms and conditions, the Member acknowledges that he is in good physical and medical health and if required by the Studio Management shall produce appropriate certification from a registered medical practitioner to this effect.


Members shall not use any Studio facilities whilst suffering from any illness or contagious illness, disease or other

illlment such as open cuts, abrasions, open sores etc. where there is a risk that such use may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition o the other Members. The Studio Management’s decision shall be final in respect of the above.


Lockers will be provided as part of the membership and must be cleared after each use. Any unclaimed items found in the locker will be held for a period of 7 (seven) days and if not claimed, will be donated to a nominated charity. No liability will be held by the Studio after this date.

Members shall be liable for any damage or loss caused to Studio property or the property of other Members or any third party. Studio Management reserves the right to recover such costs, expenses, etc. from the defaulting Member.

All members must abide by the rules of the Studio and adhere to the Studio etiquette, which may be amended from time to time in the Studio Management’s sole discretion. A Member who is in breach of any Studio rules shall indemnify the Studio for any loss, claims, etc. sustained by the Studio or any third party resulting from such breach. 


The Studio’s normal operating hours are mentioned at the Studio entrance. Class schedules can be changed from time to time in the sole discretion of the Studio Management and the Management shall endeavour to give reasonable notice thereof to the Members. During Ramadan, different timings will be applicable and Members will be notified as above. Members are advised to adhere to the stipulated timings.

Members are required to wear appropriate gym attire at all times whilst in the Studio premises. Obscene attire is absolutely prohibited, and the Studio Management decision is final as to what constitutes obscene dressing. 

Management reserves the right to terminate a membership in the event that that member is deemed to breach the Studio rules and regulations in any way or is considered by Management to have put any member or staff in a compromising and harmful way. All cancellation must be with an exit interview with signed by the Studio Manager.

A member whose membership is terminated by the Management shall forfeit all the privileges of membership with immediate effect without claim of any refund of his/her initial Joining fee, Administration fee, or Monthly membership dues, other than any monthly membership dues paid in advance. He/she shall settle any outstanding dues.


Damage to Members’ or guests’ properties for death/injuries sustained whilst on the Studio premises. Members and their guests agree that no claims will be made against the Studio b, its Management, Promoters, Employees and gents for any reason whatsoever. 

Private trainers/gym instructors of any Member are not permitted access into the Studio.

Members should be considerate to others and follow proper hygiene standards. 

Members are advised to return all exercise equipment like free weights, kettlebells etc. to their original position after use.

NRG Coaches are authorized to stop Members who arrive late for class also from exercising if in their opinion the Member is exercising in a manner that may result in physical injury to the Member and or injury to the other Members.


Smoking and consumption of alcohol and any form of intoxicating substances in the Studio are absolutely prohibited and violation will be dealt with strictly, including termination of membership. Members are also prohibited from using the Studio facilities whilst under the influence of any such substances.

The Studio Management is entitled to terminate the membership of a Member in the following circumstances:

Without notice and with immediate effect if a Member’s conduct is such that in the reasonable opinion of the Studio Management is harmful to the interests of the Studio and or the other Members.

If any monthly membership fees or any other fees remain unpaid even after the due date.

In consideration of the Studio Management accepting the Members application for membership, the Member acknowledges that NRG Fitness, its owners, Directors, Employees accepts no responsibility to Members’ for death or personal injury to the Member or loss/damage to a Member’s property whilst in the Studio premises under any circumstances whatsoever.



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