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getting started.

We set out to make getting sweaty as easy as possible! All classes can be booked easily and quickly online or on our free mobile app 'NRG Fitness DXB'.  No contracts, no hassle.

All you need to do is create an account, purchase a session package and book a class at whichever timing suits you best. For unlimited training access, our 'Unlimited Squad' value subscription packages offer exactly that!

We ask for your first class that you arrive 20 minutes before class so our reception staff can check you in, help set you up in the class, and show you around the studio. If you would like a tour and to learn more about our classes in advance of your first class visit, please contact the studio and they will arrange a convenient time for you to come in.


To book into any class you can load sessions on your account. One class equals one session. You can purchase any session package from the main page or NRG DXB App, using your credit or debit card. You can also come by the studio and purchase the session package of your choice by cash or card at our reception. 


We have NRG sessions which can be used for all classes, and Kiddies sessions just for the NRG Kids classes. 

booking window.

Our monthly timetable is open for bookings 2 weeks in advance, and for the hardcore planners multiple and reoccurring booking features can be used with our mobile App. We recommend booking a class up to a minimum of 3 hours before a class starts. 

Bookings can be made easily on your mobile App, or on our 'Book a Class' page.

checking into class.

We ask you that you have arrived and checked in at the studio at least 5 minutes before your class time. If you have not checked in by this time, your booking will be released to the walk-in waitlist. Don't forget to arrive with enough time to pre-order your smoothie!

Once a session has started and the studio door is closed you will not be allowed entry.

We understand life happens, if you are running a few minutes behind please call the studio so your place is held.

online waitlist.

If a class is full, you can opt to join the waitlist. You will need a valid session package or subscription to join a waitlist. As spot become available they will be automatically allocated to the waitlist on a first come, first served basis. 

If a bike or spot becomes available within 3 hours of the class start time (up until 30 minutes before the class start time), everyone on the waitlist will be sent a WhatsApp message asking if they would like to accept the booking - you must reply with your confirmation to secure your spot.


If your class starts between 6am and 9am you will not be auto allocated a spot after 10pm the night before, you will be sent an email or WhatsApp message asking if you would like to accept the booking - you must reply with your confirmation to secure your spot.


We have a 6 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your spot more than 6 hours before the start of your class, your session will automatically be refunded. If you cancel less than 6 hours before the class starts, then your session will automatically be forfeited and deducted from your balance. For 'Unlimited Squad' packages, 1 day will automatically be deducted from the package validity period. 


Walk-in's are not recommended, and not guaranteed a space in the class. They are subject to availability due to the priority of online reservations. NRG Fitness reserves the right to cancel classes 6 hours prior should the online bookings be below the minimum requirement (2 or less members). Members will be notified via phone in this case 6 hours in advance.


For our RIDE classes, SPD cleated pedals are fitted on every bike. We recommend cleated shoes are used by everyone during the class and provide complimentary shoes for each RIDE session. If you bring your own cleated shoes, make sure they are fitted with SPD cleats. If you wear standard trainers, the pedals do have a cage and strap. 

amenities and water.

A workout towel will be waiting for you on your bike or after check-in for our Train & Focus classes.

The changing rooms are stocked with huge bath towels, so you are covered there! Our changing rooms and showers are stocked with Bath&BodyWorks hair and body products, with hairdryer, straightener, buds and make-up removal wipes for the ladies.

Staying hydrated when you exercise is vital. We provide water stations outside the studios for you to fill up your bottles, or you can use our Crystal bottled water. 

We make your post and pre-workout nutrition easy at our NRG Juice Bar! You can pre-order your protein smoothies and freshly made juice blends so you are armed with vitamins and supplements to support muscle recovery and regeneration.  

pregnancy policy.

We have had women exercise with us right up to their due date, however we recommend that you always consult with your physician before participating in the classes at NRG. It is essential that you notify your NRG Coach that you are expecting so that they can provide you with suitable modifications for the class.



Do not exercise without a doctor's examination; it is your responsibility to seek confirmation from your doctor that you are capable of physical exercise such as provided by NRG Fitness.

This disclaimer continues to be effective as long as you are following any program with NRG Fitness. You should seek and follow your doctors 'advice and take complete responsibility for your and your baby's safety and not hold NRG Fitness responsible for any injuries or loss which may or may not incur as a result of participation.

*If you are new to exercise we strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any new exercise regime or fitness program and that they clear you for exercise.


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